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This week I am reading Batman: Knightfall. It is a comic which has lots of pages and is dark and violent. I have just started the book but so far I am enjoying its bright illustrations. It is about a boy in a prison who is thought to be killed, but survives a 31 day coma. He gets revenge on his killer by using a knife to kill him and mar his face. The prison warden is disgusted and keeps him in a tiny cell. I have read up to there and I am absolutely hooked!

Mrs Cheg
06/08/2013 03:25

I really liked your Hobbit review, Aditya. I love that you read such a wide variety of texts. It's what makes you such a great writer too.

07/08/2013 01:03

thanks miss

18/08/2013 23:03

hi Aditya,

I also loved your hobbit review too. It made it an awesome review because of the text. The text made me really want to read the hobbit. I also loved the little slide show because it showed a lot about the hobbit.



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