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Welcome Hunger Games fans im sure you all have read the Hunger Games books, well
im on the first mind blowing hunger games book which will grab you by the start
and you will just go wow and you will think wow i want to read this book because
i have just gotten grabbed by the blurb and i want to read all the Hunger Games
books because the books are always better than the movie because the book will
grab you from the first page you read of it you will want to read more of the
book.The Hunger Games is a adventours book and guess what I am up to chapter 11
when the Hunger games are just beginning  and when all the contestants are
competting for their life and victory.Well even  katniss Everdeen wants to
win so she can go back and celebrate her victory with her family and friends.But
when you finish the first book there will be more hunger games in the next books
at shops or library's.I hope you have enjoyed my book review that i have written
and feel free to make a comment on what you thought about it.


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    July 2013