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Talk to me is a great book! It is about a girl that tries to find someone or something to talk to. She tries to talk to a  letterbox, Flower's and many other thing's. Then she find's someone to talk to...............maybe.
I am reading this book called Thirteen Candle's. It is a great comic book! This book is a great book for Stage 3 student's because  it's like a horror book and it is so interesting! I just grab's you straight away! It is a great book!
I red the book Naughty Nancy and I thought that it was a great book for Stage 2 because it had pictures and it was the right level of language for some of them.

Wennebees and yumworms

I red Wennebees and Yumworms and it was a fascinating book that I loved so much!!! t had great illustrations and it had great  punctuation. I think that it was a good book for stage 3 because it had great technical words inside it  and it was excellent in every way!!!