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This week I have been reading Boffin Boy and the Quest For Wisdom. It is about a ninja wizard (Wu Pee) looking for ancient wisdom. He finally finds the ancient wisdom but there is a secret message on there. He gets code breaking kits, he asks wizard students and he looked for secret codes in famous paintings. Some celebrities across town heard about Wu Pee looking for ancient wisdom and they wanted it! One day Wu Pee gets captured by the celebrities. They force him to tell what the secret of wisdom was otherwise he will be trapped there forever! What will happen? When does Boffin Boy come in? The answer is READ THE BOOK!!!
Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus is about a small, curious girl that is going to school for the first time. The first bad thing about school is the stupid, smelly bus! Junie gets in so much trouble but nobody realises. Join Junie as she battles through her stupid, smelly days of kindergarten. What is going to happen? READ THE BOOK!                                                                                           

Fly away in reading!!!