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Geronimo’s Valentine is a narrative written by Geronimo Stilton. Geronimo runs a newspaper at Mouse Island, The Rodent’s Gazette. As well, he is a cheesy mouse and he loves Valentine’s Day and today is Valentine’s Day, and his date is with Petunia Pretty Paws, though there was a problem, his friend, Hercule Poirat called and said ‘I need your help solving a CHEESECAKE MYSTERY!’ Geronimo didn't know what to do, He had Hercule to help, as well Petunia on his date. Read the book to find out what Geronimo did and what happened! 

I enjoyed this book because it was hilarious and grabbed me allot and it was a wonderful time reading it with all the descriptive adjectives out loud. As well I love how when something goes wrong he says ‘Holly Cheese’. The main thing is when the author makes the adjectives stand out, For example ‘WHO DID THAT?’.  Altogether it was the character. 

The characters that we meet through the story are Geronimo, Hercule, Petunia and Ms. Colorsnout. Geronimo is the main characters and he is so romantic, that’s why he loves Valentine’s Day. Hercule, a friend of Geronimo, he is a friendly mouse and is very helpful. Another character is Petunia, which is so beautiful, so charming, and so delightful, which Geronimo mentioned in the story. And at last Ms.Colorsnout, a kind lady who needed some help on the Cheesecake Mystery.

I recommend this book to 7 and up and children that like funny and entertaining books.

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