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Nancy Drew Writ in Stone is a narrative written by Stefan Petrucha. Nancy Drew often babysits a little boy, Owen Zucker, the son of Ellen who is Nancy’s friend. An archaeologist, David Severe, found a stone which proves that the Chinese found America before Christopher Columbus. He was going to show it to the world, but first, he was going to stop at the museum in River Heights. The community gathered to see the great discovery, but when David opened the case where the rock was, it was empty. Chaos erupted, and among all of this, Owen disappeared, he was missing. Read the book to find out what happened to him and the rock!

I enjoyed this book because it was interesting, and I really like Nancy Drew’s character. In this book we meet new characters, David Severe, the archaeologist whose stone was stolen, Mr Brimstrom, the museum director, Mr Wentley, he works in the museum and suspect number one, Owen, the cheeky naughty boy, and Ellen, Owen’s mother. As always, Nancy Drew jumps at the chance to investigate; curious which also makes us curious, eager to know what happens in this mystery. I especially like reading this book because it has pictures which clearly show their expression of fear, and excitement. I like reading it out loud, especially all the onomatopoeia. 

Writ in Stone has not just one criminal, but too criminals, which is unexpected, adding more excitement to the complicated problem. Nancy Drew gets help with her best friends George, Bess, Ned and another archaeologist. They all help and lend a hand in solving the crime. Even the whole community get together to search for Owen. 

I recommend this story to children that are seven years and over, especially for those who like mystery and horror.

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