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The Karate Mouse is written by Geronimo Stilton  Geronimo is a book mouse that loves to read and he doesn’t like to do sport but his friends Bruce Hyena and Short Tao entered in him in a KARATE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Geronimo didn’t know what to do, which made him worried, he was nervous, and he was concerned. To know what happened read the book. 

I enjoyed this book because it was entertaining and grabbed me like the other books. All the descriptions are just brilliant and the story describes the emotions very well.  I love how the author made the characters funny and interesting. Like the other books, I loved when something goes wrong he says ‘HOLLY CHEESE’, it was hilarious. 

The characters that we meet in the story are Geronimo, Bruce Hyena and Shorty Tao. Geronimo is the main character, and is a funny, entertaining character. He is a book mouse and runs a newspaper at Mouse Island. Bruce Hyena is a friend of Geronimo and entered him in the competition with his cousin, even though he is a friendly mouse. Short Tao is a cousin to Bruce Hyena and was very kind to Geronimo. She was an active mouse not like Geronimo.

I recommend this story to seven years old and up, and children that like hilarious, funny stories. 

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