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Thea Stilton and the Dragons Code is a narrative written by Thea Stilton. Thea Stilton works at The Rodent’s Gazette, the newspaper run by Geronimo Stilton. She got invited to teach at Prestigious Mouseford Academy. When she arrived, she met 5 students that she found amazing. When they realised that one student went missing, they had to solve the mystery.

I enjoyed this book because it was interesting to read and the book was so descriptive which made the book better. This book is full of mysteries which is the reason why I liked the book. The storyline is exciting and grabbing. If you start to read, you would love to continue reading, for you can know what happens.

The characters that are in the story are Thea, Nicky, Colette, Pamela, Paulina and Violet. Thea Stilton is Geronimo Stilton’s sister, and she loves to travel and having adventures. Nicky loves nature and comes from Australia. Colette is always energetic and her favourite colour is pink. Pamela comes from Tanzania and wants to become a car mechanic. Paulina wants to become a scientist and she is shy sometimes. Violet is my favourite character and she loves to read books. She comes from China.

To me, I think that Geronimo Stilton and Thea Stilton write books to enjoy and doesn’t have a moral but sometimes some books are enjoyable and have a moral.

I recommend this book to 7 and up and to children that like mysteries. 

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