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Thea Stilton and the Mystery in Paris is a narrative written by Thea Stilton. Colette invites her best friends to come with her to her home, Paris, her friends were so excited to come. While they were in Paris, Colette’s fashion-designer Julie, her fashion clothing was STOLEN! Will the 5 mice catch the thief before the fashion show? To know what happened read the book! 

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book because it was so interesting to know what will happen and the descriptive adjectives, for example “Nervously Julie took her place behind the microphone”. This story grabbed me allot, I couldn’t stop reading! It was an easy book to read and most of all, what I loved was the storyline! 

The characters that are in the story are Colette, Nicky, Violet, Paulina, Pamela and Julie. Colette comes from France and she has lots of wonderful ideas. She wants to become a fashion writer. Nicky comes from Australia and she is always in a good mood, only if she is outside. She loves nature. Violet comes from China and loves books as well, she is so clever. Paulina is from Peru and she loves to travel and meet new people around the world. Pamela comes from Tanzania and she can’t stand arguments. Julie is Colette’s cousin and she is so friendly. 

I recommend this story to 7 and up and children that love interesting and entertaining books.

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