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One day, Keely and her friends noticed that a classmate, Anya, came to school wearing a wig. The girls gossiped about it a lot, because they wanted to ask her why. They decided not to ask because they thought that she may have cancer so she might be going to die. Stef, one of her friends suggested that Keely should talk to Anya and find out if it is a wig or not, but Keely refused.

One day, in PE class, Anya’s wig came off during a gym exercise. She was horrified and ran out and was away for a few days. Keely decided to visit Anya after she found out about her secret sickness. When she asked if she can help, Anya replied, "Not unless you want to give me your hair."

This book is very sad at the beginning but throughout the story, people’s opinions change. Keely is a very interesting character as she starts out being very mean to Anya but then is able to decide what is right and what is wrong and chooses the right path in the end.

This book shows and teaches good friendship and the importance of making good relationships between friends. After I read this book, I learned that I should be nice to everyone, or at least just try to be nice to others. I used to only be nice to the people close to me.

I would recommend this book to teenagers because I think this is really good book for teenagers who sometimes need to think about their behaviour towards their friends. I would give this book a rating of 6/10 because I don’t really enjoy sad stories because they can make me cry easily.


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