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Running Out of Time is a story about a girl named Jessie who thinks she is living a normal, safe and happy life in her hometown of Clifton during the 1840’s. But now almost all the children are getting sick because of the disease diphtheria. This leads Jessie’s mother to tell Jessie that they are really living in 1996, in a village which is a tourist site. So now Jessie must get out and get help before time runs out for the children who are sick. Will she make it or not?

This wasn’t a book like any other book I’ve ever read. Every chapter left me hanging because she would get stuck in sticky situations all the time. When I was reading this book, I felt like I didn’t want to stop reading it because I kept wondering what it would be like going from the 1840’s to the 1990’s.

My favourite part was when Jessie first got into the real world. It was my favourite part because she didn’t know what was happening. She didn’t know what cars were and she had never seen electric lights before. She called cars big metal boxes with wheels.

The main character was Jessie. Jessie was really creative and helpful because every time there was a complication, she would come up with great resolutions in no time!

I would give this book a rating of 8/10 because it’s very suspenseful and exciting but didn’t have many adjectives to describe things. I would recommend this book to girls from 1960’s because they might connect to how Jessie felt about cars and electric lights being new to her.


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