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Roger is having a great time in the Star League, pulling pranks on his friends. But when someone steals formulas for his magic potions, it’s no joke. Roger needs those potions to survive. He must fight an ancient evil to get back his potions before they’re used to raise an army of mummies. Can Roger and the team make it through in one piece?

The main character in the story is Roger. He is a bit mean because in the story he kept playing extremely annoying pranks on his friends, and which led the 'Ancient Evil' to steal his magic potions and use it to punish him.

This is an absolute magnificent book to read because it has brilliant adjectives, noun groups and lots and lots of similes to describe the adjectives. This book is a magnificent to read and that is why I’m giving it 5/5 stars for my rating. My recommendation for this book is 10 years and up because it has great pictures, a good sized font and I absolutely think it is an amazing book to read!


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