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The Bad Beginning is about 3 children whose parents die in a fire. A man named Mr Poe comes to tell them the bad news. Mr Poe takes them to a house to find new parents for the 3 kids. Then he finds somebody named Count Olaf, and then Mr Poe leaves them at Count Olaf's house. Count Olaf treats the kids badly, so when they can't take it anymore they go to talk to Mr Poe at the bank. The children tell him that they can't stand living with Count Olaf because he hit one of the boys called Klaus. He also makes them do chores all the time, and he makes all 3 of them sleep in one bed. The next morning the children were back at Count Olaf's house and he asked them why they went to Mr Poe. When they didn't answer he asked them to be in his play. The play was a scam. He wanted to trick the kids into giving them the money they got from their parents.

This book taught me not to trust strangers because they can do something that could harm you. This book also had great pictures and fabulous character which I really enjoyed because they kept me entertained by their characteristics.

I would recommend this book to kids at the age of 10 and over because it is so catchy and might give them some tears. I give this book a rating of 10 out of 10 because it was well structure and I didn’t have a problem with anything.


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