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This glorious book, The Kid Who Ran for President, is about a 12-year old boy named Judson Moon who is running for the president of the United States. His best friend, Lane, is going to try to run Moon’s campaign. Then America finds out that he threw away his worst enemy’s (Arthur Krants) paper. Now America is against him so he is going try and prove to America that he is very sorry. Finally the votes are in so it all comes down to the states. Will Judson and Moon win the election? Well, you’ll have to read the rest and find out if Lane and Moon can pull this thing off and win the election!

My favourite part in this book is when Moon and Krants get into fights. I think this book is fantastic because it made me feel like it is possible for any young person to accomplish their goals. I liked it a lot, because it was really odd for a child just about the same age as me to run for president. This book is very unique because it is very well written. Man, you’ve got to read this book!

I would recommend this book to people 10 and over because it is so fascinating and I think everyone would be surprised to see a 12 year-old running for President of the United States. I give this book a rating of 10 out of 10 because the characters really grabbed me by their actions they did like when Moon and Krants were fighting, they accidentally flipped and landed head first.


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