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The book “Thunderbowl” is about a young boy, Jeremy. Jeremy decides to make a band with his friends. The band becomes pretty successful and they get to play a lot of music in pubs. However, Jeremy's musical performance improves, his school performance drops. Therefore, he decides to quit school to continue with the band. But one day, one of his teachers hears his song at the local pub and he talks to Jeremy to try and convince him to stay in school. But he went on to have many interesting adventures.

My favourite part was when he left the pub with his girlfriend’s car and he was about to crash because it was very wild.

The message that the author was trying to tell the reader is that school is more important than music bands. Maybe she is right but it wasn't very well explained. I think she is right because if you have a band, it’s really hard to become famous because you really need luck. But if you stay in school, you have more chance of getting a good job.

I recommend this book to 13 and up because I think teenagers would find this story interesting as they can relate to school life and teen problems because Jeremy is 16 years old and there is a lot of problem solving in the book.


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