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6 weeks ago, I read Lacey & The Drama Queens by Fleur Beale. The book was about a girl named Lacey. Lacey went to Australia to be her cousin's flower girl. After she went, her friend Vanessa starts being mean to her. The book mainly was about friendship.

My favourite character was Belinda because she was really nice the whole time. I thought that all the characters were okay. I didn't really like one character which was Vanessa. Vanessa was saying really mean words and being really mean to Lacey for a week. I thought that Lacey was really strong to face Vanessa.

This book was easy to read and the story was very easy to understand. I liked this book a lot because I could understand this book clearly. This book had lots of speech marks and there were no pictures in this book but I still liked reading the book.

I would recommend this book to 11 to 13 year olds. 'Lucky For Some' is this books sequel.

I have recently read Mad Love by Suzanne Selfors. It was a book about a girl named Alice that meets the real cupid. The real cupid thinks that Alice is his girlfriend from another life so he shot her because he wanted her to love him and not another person. Alice is suffering because her mum has a mental illness so her mum has to stay in the hospital and her mum is a writer so Alice has to write her mum's books or she will get a huge bill to pay from the editors.You never know what could happen in the book.

My favourite character was Tony because he is a nice guy in the book. I thought Alice and her mum are very sad because Alice's mum thinks that Alice hates her because of her mental illness. There were so many problems in the story but then they were all solved in the end.

I love Greek Mythology so that's why love <3 this book. This book was different from the others because the book was a little about Greek Mythology. I found out a lot about Greek Mythology in this book because this book tells you about Cupid and Psyche.

I recommended this book to anybody older than 9 years old. Some parts in the book was very weird. This was the second book of a series and I don't know which series though.

Finding Cherokee Brown is a wonderful book by Siobhan Curham. It was about a girl named Claire Weeks. Claire Weeks is being picked on at school and it's her birthday. Claire gets a happy birthday card from an unknown person and it says to: Cherokee Brown. Claire doesn't know who is Cherokee Brown and who the sender is.

I thought Claire's mum is very sad because she thinks that Claire hates her. Harrison is my favourite character because in the book, he can sketch a portrait of Claire. I thought that Claire was really upset and angry because she gets picked on at school. I think her teacher is a bad teacher because she could see Claire was being picked on and she does nothing. Her teacher was also being through what Claire is being through but she should have at least done something.

The book had made my tears fall a couple of times like some other books because it was so sad. I took the book with me wherever I went so I could read it. I liked the ending because the problems were solved and the teacher might have been fired. I really hated that teacher.

I gave this book a rating: 4/5 because it made me emotional and many books don't actually make me emotional. This book actually teaches you how to write a book because in the first part of a new chapter, There will be a tip on how to write a novel by Agatha Dashwood.
I have read Die For Me & If I Should Die by Amy Plum. It is a really awesome to read. I haven't read Until I Die but I'm sure it will be awesome! Die For Me and the other books was about a girl named Kate. Kate just moved into Paris because both of her parents have passed away so she has to move in with her grandparents. Kate never had friends in Paris but one day, She met someone who can change her life forever.

Kate has a sister named Georgia who always goes to clubs and parties. One day everything changed... Georgia never went to clubs again, Kate has made new friends, found a lover and found out a secret. Kate is very strong and pretty to me because in the book, she will be very fierce. My favourite character from the book is Kate because she is a pretty cool character.

I thought this was really cool because the author has created a new type of monster (revenants). Revenants are a good type of monster because they fight numas (a bad type of monster the author created) and if they die, they will wake up again. Kate is human but then she becomes a revenant... but how? well read all the books.

The book made tears fall out of my eyes and gave me a headache because It made me want to keep reading the book & the story was very happy and sad. In the ending, I never wanted it to be like that but anyways it happened. In my opinion, I thought the book is recommended to teens and older. 

Broken Soup is an awesomely amazing book written by Jenny Valentines. Broken Soup is about a girls life named Rowan Clark. A stranger thought that he saw her (Rowan Clark) drop something when she was printing out something in a place where you can print out photos. Rowan Clark says she didn't drop it but the stranger says she did. Rowan's mum has been acting strangely after Jack (Rowan's brother) died and everyone else in Rowan's family has been really upset about Jack passing away. Rowan has to take care of little sister Stroma since her mum is really upset.

My favourite character is Harper (the stranger) because his dream is to travel all around the world and I thought it would be really cool travelling all around the world unless you get into a plane crash. I thought Rowan is really lovely because she looks after her sister really well even though she doesn't want to. I think Rowan's mum is wierd because she sits and does nothing all day.

I really liked the book because it grabbed me by the heart. I think anyone will enjoy this book just as much as I do. It is kind of not easy-to-read because it has 248 pages and the font is kind of small but I'm used to reading books like that. The words in the book can sometimes get you to picture what is happening.
This book is really enjoyable and romantic. It has a variety of punctuation and is a good book because it has won a book award. The book sometimes can be funny and sad.

The book has some swear words so the book is kind of inappropriate for little kids. Broken Soup does have some romance in it which makes me like it even more because I like that type of genre. I think this book can be read as long as your parents agree that you can read it. The disappointing part is that when it gets to the end, I want to know more but I know nothing.  

Kisses for Lula is a wonderful book written by Samantha Mackintosh. The book is about a 15 year old girl named Lula. Lula's birthday is in 5 days and she has to be kissed before her birthday because everyone believes that if she doesn't get kissed on the lips before her birthday, she won't turn sweet sixteen. Many boys at her school are afraid of Lula because of the accidental events she's been through with boys so will Lula get her first kiss before her birthday? Read the book to find out.

The main character, Lula, is very desperate for a first kiss but she doesn't know how to get one. All her friends,  Alex, Carrie and Tam are trying to help her get a ''First Kiss'' but it turns out that Lula gets her first kiss by doing it herself. Pen, Lula's sister, is worried that Lula won't get a first kiss and all the boys will be afraid of her too because shes related to Lula. 

This book is a troublemaker because it made me want to read more and more! First I thought that Lula was going to kiss a specific boy, but then she kissed someone else. I thought that the second page and the last couple of pages was a bit funny. I recommend this book to girls who enjoys reading romance types of books.

Two Weeks in Grade Six is a very fascinating book written by Anna & Mary K Pershall. This book is about a girl named Kaitlin. Each day, Kaitlin's life will get worse and worse at school. She thinks that there will be no way out but there is. Kaitlin doesn't know what got into Shelley's (Kaitlin's best friend) mind. This book is filled with wonders and excitement.

The main character , Kaitlin, is a nice person because she doesn't bully people like Ashleigh (Kaitlin's acquaintance) does. Kaitlin at first was in trouble but then when she had figured out how to deal with it, She did her best and finally was really proud of herself. Shelley, on the other hand was really regretful for what she had done to Kaitlin in the first place and wished that she could go back and change what she had done. Ashleigh is a show off and terrible meany because she teases Kaitlin and doesn't regret that because she usually does that to anyone who is ugly.

The book was really magnificent because it shows you that if you get bullied you are not the only one and that you can stop the bullying yourselves. The book was very heart touching because it makes you feel a little better. My favourite part was when the resolution came because it made me feel much better that Kaitlin is fine. I think that this book should be for year 5/6 because it says two weeks in grade six. 

I have read the second, third, fourth and sixth book from the pretty little liars series. It is an amazing series. The book is about 5 girls and 1 of them is believed to be ''dead'' are Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily & Allison. Allison is the missing one and knows all the others secrets. 

Recently, the 4 girls have got texts from ''A''. None of the girls knows who ''A''. Someone predicts it may be Allison. One of the girls have been keeping one secret that may capture the killer of Allison but she doesn't dare to tell the others because Allison had said not to tell anyone.               

Spencer is my favourite character in the book because she was very tough and strong in some parts. In the book, it will tell you about what is happening in one girl's life from the pretty little liars and then moves onto another girl. I really thought it was cool but sometimes its confusing because I still think its the other girl. 
This Series is very romantic and it gets you wondering what will happen next. I found it very easy to read because I usually read books like these. I think that this Series should be read by anyone over 10 because the books contain hundreds of pages. It is my favourite Series so far.


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