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I have read Die For Me & If I Should Die by Amy Plum. It is a really awesome to read. I haven't read Until I Die but I'm sure it will be awesome! Die For Me and the other books was about a girl named Kate. Kate just moved into Paris because both of her parents have passed away so she has to move in with her grandparents. Kate never had friends in Paris but one day, She met someone who can change her life forever.

Kate has a sister named Georgia who always goes to clubs and parties. One day everything changed... Georgia never went to clubs again, Kate has made new friends, found a lover and found out a secret. Kate is very strong and pretty to me because in the book, she will be very fierce. My favourite character from the book is Kate because she is a pretty cool character.

I thought this was really cool because the author has created a new type of monster (revenants). Revenants are a good type of monster because they fight numas (a bad type of monster the author created) and if they die, they will wake up again. Kate is human but then she becomes a revenant... but how? well read all the books.

The book made tears fall out of my eyes and gave me a headache because It made me want to keep reading the book & the story was very happy and sad. In the ending, I never wanted it to be like that but anyways it happened. In my opinion, I thought the book is recommended to teens and older. 


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