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Broken Soup is an awesomely amazing book written by Jenny Valentines. Broken Soup is about a girls life named Rowan Clark. A stranger thought that he saw her (Rowan Clark) drop something when she was printing out something in a place where you can print out photos. Rowan Clark says she didn't drop it but the stranger says she did. Rowan's mum has been acting strangely after Jack (Rowan's brother) died and everyone else in Rowan's family has been really upset about Jack passing away. Rowan has to take care of little sister Stroma since her mum is really upset.

My favourite character is Harper (the stranger) because his dream is to travel all around the world and I thought it would be really cool travelling all around the world unless you get into a plane crash. I thought Rowan is really lovely because she looks after her sister really well even though she doesn't want to. I think Rowan's mum is wierd because she sits and does nothing all day.

I really liked the book because it grabbed me by the heart. I think anyone will enjoy this book just as much as I do. It is kind of not easy-to-read because it has 248 pages and the font is kind of small but I'm used to reading books like that. The words in the book can sometimes get you to picture what is happening.
This book is really enjoyable and romantic. It has a variety of punctuation and is a good book because it has won a book award. The book sometimes can be funny and sad.

The book has some swear words so the book is kind of inappropriate for little kids. Broken Soup does have some romance in it which makes me like it even more because I like that type of genre. I think this book can be read as long as your parents agree that you can read it. The disappointing part is that when it gets to the end, I want to know more but I know nothing.  


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