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Finding Cherokee Brown is a wonderful book by Siobhan Curham. It was about a girl named Claire Weeks. Claire Weeks is being picked on at school and it's her birthday. Claire gets a happy birthday card from an unknown person and it says to: Cherokee Brown. Claire doesn't know who is Cherokee Brown and who the sender is.

I thought Claire's mum is very sad because she thinks that Claire hates her. Harrison is my favourite character because in the book, he can sketch a portrait of Claire. I thought that Claire was really upset and angry because she gets picked on at school. I think her teacher is a bad teacher because she could see Claire was being picked on and she does nothing. Her teacher was also being through what Claire is being through but she should have at least done something.

The book had made my tears fall a couple of times like some other books because it was so sad. I took the book with me wherever I went so I could read it. I liked the ending because the problems were solved and the teacher might have been fired. I really hated that teacher.

I gave this book a rating: 4/5 because it made me emotional and many books don't actually make me emotional. This book actually teaches you how to write a book because in the first part of a new chapter, There will be a tip on how to write a novel by Agatha Dashwood.

Mrs Cheg
08/07/2013 2:55am

Well done Ramona. I especially liked how you said that you took the book everywhere with you. It shows just how much you enjoyed it! You still need to work on being consistent with your tense. All past tense, or all present tense - not a mix of both.

08/07/2013 3:39am

Okay! I will try.


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