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Two Weeks in Grade Six is a very fascinating book written by Anna & Mary K Pershall. This book is about a girl named Kaitlin. Each day, Kaitlin's life will get worse and worse at school. She thinks that there will be no way out but there is. Kaitlin doesn't know what got into Shelley's (Kaitlin's best friend) mind. This book is filled with wonders and excitement.

The main character , Kaitlin, is a nice person because she doesn't bully people like Ashleigh (Kaitlin's acquaintance) does. Kaitlin at first was in trouble but then when she had figured out how to deal with it, She did her best and finally was really proud of herself. Shelley, on the other hand was really regretful for what she had done to Kaitlin in the first place and wished that she could go back and change what she had done. Ashleigh is a show off and terrible meany because she teases Kaitlin and doesn't regret that because she usually does that to anyone who is ugly.

The book was really magnificent because it shows you that if you get bullied you are not the only one and that you can stop the bullying yourselves. The book was very heart touching because it makes you feel a little better. My favourite part was when the resolution came because it made me feel much better that Kaitlin is fine. I think that this book should be for year 5/6 because it says two weeks in grade six. 


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