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Kisses for Lula is a wonderful book written by Samantha Mackintosh. The book is about a 15 year old girl named Lula. Lula's birthday is in 5 days and she has to be kissed before her birthday because everyone believes that if she doesn't get kissed on the lips before her birthday, she won't turn sweet sixteen. Many boys at her school are afraid of Lula because of the accidental events she's been through with boys so will Lula get her first kiss before her birthday? Read the book to find out.

The main character, Lula, is very desperate for a first kiss but she doesn't know how to get one. All her friends,  Alex, Carrie and Tam are trying to help her get a ''First Kiss'' but it turns out that Lula gets her first kiss by doing it herself. Pen, Lula's sister, is worried that Lula won't get a first kiss and all the boys will be afraid of her too because shes related to Lula. 

This book is a troublemaker because it made me want to read more and more! First I thought that Lula was going to kiss a specific boy, but then she kissed someone else. I thought that the second page and the last couple of pages was a bit funny. I recommend this book to girls who enjoys reading romance types of books.


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