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6 weeks ago, I read Lacey & The Drama Queens by Fleur Beale. The book was about a girl named Lacey. Lacey went to Australia to be her cousin's flower girl. After she went, her friend Vanessa starts being mean to her. The book mainly was about friendship.

My favourite character was Belinda because she was really nice the whole time. I thought that all the characters were okay. I didn't really like one character which was Vanessa. Vanessa was saying really mean words and being really mean to Lacey for a week. I thought that Lacey was really strong to face Vanessa.

This book was easy to read and the story was very easy to understand. I liked this book a lot because I could understand this book clearly. This book had lots of speech marks and there were no pictures in this book but I still liked reading the book.

I would recommend this book to 11 to 13 year olds. 'Lucky For Some' is this books sequel.


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