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Today I read a few pages of this marvelous book called Wonder. Wonder is a story about a boy who's face was formed with an error. The unique creation that god gave to August was a missing eye. In grade 5, August finally went to school after being home schooled for years. At school, he was tormented by the people staring at August in disbelief and disgust!

This book started with some very good humor when August was born. There was a nurse taking care of August's mom when she was pregnant. The nurse had big arms and was very fat. Whenever she took a blood sample she...... farted! I was rolling on the floor laughing at this. When the doctor fainted, the nurse kicked him to wake up but failed. After 3 minutes, she let her loud, disgusting fart rip onto the doctor! August's mum says that the fart may have been the reason that the doctor woke up! I am looking forward to the rest of this educational book!
The Fox And The Sick Lion

One day the king of the jungle called all the animals of the forest to his cave as he was sick and about to die. All of the foolish animals creeped into his cave to show him respect. The Chicken, Pig and Crane went in. After a few minutes the lion called to the fox and yelled "Why didn't you come to mycave?"  The fox angrily replied " Why should I go if no-one has come out of your cave?!"

The Fox And The Crow

On a sunny day in the meadows, a crow was perched on a tree branch holding a peice of cheese in it's mouth. when the fox saw the cheese, he wanted it all for himself. So the fox told the crow that "You are a very beautiful bird. If you could only sing." Then the crow opened it's mouth wide enough to sing but also wide enough to drop the cheese. The fox caught the cheese and dashed away.

The Fox And The Grapes

When spring had arrived, the vineyard's grapes had ripened. A fox wanted to have some of those delicious grapes but there was a fence surrounding it. So the fox thought of a way to get in and it was to not eat so he could fit into a gap in the fence. He got weaker, skinnier and fragile until he could fit into the gap. After he got in, the fox gobbled up all the grapes until he was too fat to get out. He tried to wait until he was skinny enough to get out. Weaker... skinnier.... smaller. Now the fox was extremely hungry but small enough to get through. The fox had regreted ever trying the foolish scheme.

I read a few more chapters of The Adventures of Pinnochio. This time, Pinnochio sells his ABC book that his father bought him so that he could get into a puppet show theatre. He meets some other wooden puppets that talked. They turned out to be Pinnochio's brothers. When Pinnochio returns, his father finds out that he had sold the ABC book! His father gets very disappointed and enraged for not only selling his book, but also for skipping school.
I read another two chapters of The adventures Of Pinocchio. In these 2 chapters, Pinocchio realizes that having a family is important because Pinocchio ran away from his dad and doesn't have anything to eat. He is starving to death.Pinocchio returns home only to find his father in jail! His neighbors saw the carpenter or father of Pinocchio taking care of him but thought that he was torturing the wooden puppet. What will Pinocchio do now mate?