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Today I read a few pages of this marvelous book called Wonder. Wonder is a story about a boy who's face was formed with an error. The unique creation that god gave to August was a missing eye. In grade 5, August finally went to school after being home schooled for years. At school, he was tormented by the people staring at August in disbelief and disgust!

This book started with some very good humor when August was born. There was a nurse taking care of August's mom when she was pregnant. The nurse had big arms and was very fat. Whenever she took a blood sample she...... farted! I was rolling on the floor laughing at this. When the doctor fainted, the nurse kicked him to wake up but failed. After 3 minutes, she let her loud, disgusting fart rip onto the doctor! August's mum says that the fart may have been the reason that the doctor woke up! I am looking forward to the rest of this educational book!

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