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I have been reading this book. It has 2 books in 1 and I have only read the first book: In Search of the Time and Space Machine. This book is a large book, recommended for people who like to read more. This awesome, very interesting book is about a girl named Max, short for Maxine, who is a normal schoolgirl. She writes stories about spies, wishing she could be one. She has no friends, since she keeps moving schools. She only lives with her mum, her dad lives in America. When it is the holidays, Max's mum sends her to her aunty and uncle's house to live for 6 weeks. There, she also meets a new friend named Linden. He is the next door neighbour. Max decides to go on a mission to London with Linden to find Max's uncle's brother, Francis. This book grabbed me in, and I love this book! It is entertaining and I definitely recommend this to people who like spy stories. I will put a book review after I have read the other story. 

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