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Nancy Drew and the Haunted Doll House is a narrative written by Stefan Petrucha. Nancy Drew and her friends live in River Heights, and the story is set during the time that the town is celebrating Nostalgia week. During this occasion, people dress up while pretending that it is the 1930s. However, Nancy starts to recognise crimes from Emma Blavatsky in her old fashion doll house. Nancy gets shocked when she finds out that there is a version of........... To find out read the book!

I enjoyed this book because it was interesting for me and it was so fascinating when she finds mysterious things in the Doll House, which is that the dolls MOVE and especially how what happens in the Doll House, happens in real life. What also made it interesting was the fact that they were celebrating Nostalgia week and dressed up like it was the 1930s that was weird to me.

Nancy Drew is the main character in the story. She is a girl that loves to research about mysterious things and is always suspicious. Her friends didn't believe her in the beginning, but that didn't stop her from investigating. George is one of Nancy’s friends, a girl, who loves technology and is always found on her laptop or phone. When she realised that Nancy was saying the truth she helped her and they found things together about Emma Blavatsky. Emma is another character in the story and she owns the Doll House. Bess is another friend of Nancy’s that helps her out. She is a pretty, nice friend. Emma is the evil character that owns the haunted doll house as I mentioned. She is wicked and worried about the chance that Nancy might find out something about the Doll House.

I recommend this story to children that are seven years and over, especially for those who like mystery and horror.

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