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'A Child called 'It’ is based on a true story about Dave Pelzer. To read this book you need to be mentally and emotionally strong. In this book it tells about how this little boy is trying to survive. His mum is usually drunk and his dad is always at work. When his mum is drunk she usually abuses him BADLY! Dave, the little boy, has two other brothers. None of the other children were abused like Dave. Sometimes his mum locks him in the bathroom for a whole night. She would have him stay in there until he could hardly breathe. One time she actually stabbed him. She stabbed her own son with a knife!

The main character of the book is Dave. What made Dave a good character was because he was treated very badly by his mum but he still loved her so much. He was also lucky because he could’ve died when his mum stabbed him but luckily he didn’t.

The moral of this story is really vital because there are hundreds of kids in the world who are getting treated badly just like Dave. I think the Author was trying to tell people that child abuse is extremely bad and might cause death to kids. It can also destroy a relationship of a family.

I think that no child could be bad enough to deserve to be treated like Dave was. I think also that his mother should be punished. No child should be abused, especially a little boy! This is the kind of book that’s right in your face. It just shows you how horrible people can be. One part in the book that I did like was after the mother stabbed Dave she knew what she had done and she knew she really pushed herself over the edge. So basically my opinion is that a child should never be treated the way Dave Pelzer was treated.

I would recommend this book to anyone 12 years of age and up because I think it would teaches people how cruel someone could be. I would not recommend this book to be read to little kids because the plot is horrifying. I also recommend it to someone who is emotionally strong or else you may cry very often throughout this story.


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