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One day, Buddy’s dad was caught by police, and locked up in prison. This meant that Buddy and his mum had live alone. Because of this, Buddy started to write songs, and his dad really liked them. In the middle of the book, Buddy's dad comes out of the prison, and they make a band with Buddy's friends and Terry (Buddy's Dad) being their manager. They started to sing a lot in clubs, but just as they were about to go into club and perform, BOOM…

The main character in this story is Buddy. Buddy is really brave, and doesn't stop doing his work, even though his parents were broken up and while his dad was in prison, he still continued to follow his dreams.

The message of the book is that you should not stop working hard and making progress because you never know what good you can get from trying hard.

I really liked this book because it has a deep and interesting story line  My favourite part was when Buddy actually performed his first song which everyone enjoyed. He also didn't think that it was so good, but when he showed it to his dad, he was amazed. This book is unique because I've never read any book with a deep story line like this. This book is interesting because you can feel what main character feels like in the book.


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