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The Star League is defenceless when the Shadow-Six use the Shadow Shards to steal their powers to overtake the universe and rule Planet Earth. The team must try to come up with a way to defeat these shards in order to get their talents back, but first, they have to defeat their arch-enemy, Professor Pestilence. Will the Star League ever be the same again or is the end of their league?

The main characters in the story are the Star League Team. They are extremely smart and brave because they lost all their powers but still came up with a mysterious solution to their life-threatening problem.   

This is an absolute magnificent book to read because it has brilliant characters which will entertain and amaze you by their characteristics and actions. I can guarantee you that this book is magnificent to read and that is why I’m giving it 5/5 stars for my rating. I recommend this book to children at the age 10 and up because it has great picture, a good sized font and I absolutely think it is an amazing book to read!


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