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One day, Keely and her friends noticed that a classmate, Anya, came to school wearing a wig. The girls gossiped about it a lot, because they wanted to ask her why. They decided not to ask because they thought that she may have cancer so she might be going to die. Stef, one of her friends suggested that Keely should talk to Anya and find out if it is a wig or not, but Keely refused.

One day, in PE class, Anya’s wig came off during a gym exercise. She was horrified and ran out and was away for a few days. Keely decided to visit Anya after she found out about her secret sickness. When she asked if she can help, Anya replied, "Not unless you want to give me your hair."

This book is very sad at the beginning but throughout the story, people’s opinions change. Keely is a very interesting character as she starts out being very mean to Anya but then is able to decide what is right and what is wrong and chooses the right path in the end.

This book shows and teaches good friendship and the importance of making good relationships between friends. After I read this book, I learned that I should be nice to everyone, or at least just try to be nice to others. I used to only be nice to the people close to me.

I would recommend this book to teenagers because I think this is really good book for teenagers who sometimes need to think about their behaviour towards their friends. I would give this book a rating of 6/10 because I don’t really enjoy sad stories because they can make me cry easily.

'A Child called 'It’ is based on a true story about Dave Pelzer. To read this book you need to be mentally and emotionally strong. In this book it tells about how this little boy is trying to survive. His mum is usually drunk and his dad is always at work. When his mum is drunk she usually abuses him BADLY! Dave, the little boy, has two other brothers. None of the other children were abused like Dave. Sometimes his mum locks him in the bathroom for a whole night. She would have him stay in there until he could hardly breathe. One time she actually stabbed him. She stabbed her own son with a knife!

The main character of the book is Dave. What made Dave a good character was because he was treated very badly by his mum but he still loved her so much. He was also lucky because he could’ve died when his mum stabbed him but luckily he didn’t.

The moral of this story is really vital because there are hundreds of kids in the world who are getting treated badly just like Dave. I think the Author was trying to tell people that child abuse is extremely bad and might cause death to kids. It can also destroy a relationship of a family.

I think that no child could be bad enough to deserve to be treated like Dave was. I think also that his mother should be punished. No child should be abused, especially a little boy! This is the kind of book that’s right in your face. It just shows you how horrible people can be. One part in the book that I did like was after the mother stabbed Dave she knew what she had done and she knew she really pushed herself over the edge. So basically my opinion is that a child should never be treated the way Dave Pelzer was treated.

I would recommend this book to anyone 12 years of age and up because I think it would teaches people how cruel someone could be. I would not recommend this book to be read to little kids because the plot is horrifying. I also recommend it to someone who is emotionally strong or else you may cry very often throughout this story.

The book “Thunderbowl” is about a young boy, Jeremy. Jeremy decides to make a band with his friends. The band becomes pretty successful and they get to play a lot of music in pubs. However, Jeremy's musical performance improves, his school performance drops. Therefore, he decides to quit school to continue with the band. But one day, one of his teachers hears his song at the local pub and he talks to Jeremy to try and convince him to stay in school. But he went on to have many interesting adventures.

My favourite part was when he left the pub with his girlfriend’s car and he was about to crash because it was very wild.

The message that the author was trying to tell the reader is that school is more important than music bands. Maybe she is right but it wasn't very well explained. I think she is right because if you have a band, it’s really hard to become famous because you really need luck. But if you stay in school, you have more chance of getting a good job.

I recommend this book to 13 and up because I think teenagers would find this story interesting as they can relate to school life and teen problems because Jeremy is 16 years old and there is a lot of problem solving in the book.

Running Out of Time is a story about a girl named Jessie who thinks she is living a normal, safe and happy life in her hometown of Clifton during the 1840’s. But now almost all the children are getting sick because of the disease diphtheria. This leads Jessie’s mother to tell Jessie that they are really living in 1996, in a village which is a tourist site. So now Jessie must get out and get help before time runs out for the children who are sick. Will she make it or not?

This wasn’t a book like any other book I’ve ever read. Every chapter left me hanging because she would get stuck in sticky situations all the time. When I was reading this book, I felt like I didn’t want to stop reading it because I kept wondering what it would be like going from the 1840’s to the 1990’s.

My favourite part was when Jessie first got into the real world. It was my favourite part because she didn’t know what was happening. She didn’t know what cars were and she had never seen electric lights before. She called cars big metal boxes with wheels.

The main character was Jessie. Jessie was really creative and helpful because every time there was a complication, she would come up with great resolutions in no time!

I would give this book a rating of 8/10 because it’s very suspenseful and exciting but didn’t have many adjectives to describe things. I would recommend this book to girls from 1960’s because they might connect to how Jessie felt about cars and electric lights being new to her.

One day, Buddy’s dad was caught by police, and locked up in prison. This meant that Buddy and his mum had live alone. Because of this, Buddy started to write songs, and his dad really liked them. In the middle of the book, Buddy's dad comes out of the prison, and they make a band with Buddy's friends and Terry (Buddy's Dad) being their manager. They started to sing a lot in clubs, but just as they were about to go into club and perform, BOOM…

The main character in this story is Buddy. Buddy is really brave, and doesn't stop doing his work, even though his parents were broken up and while his dad was in prison, he still continued to follow his dreams.

The message of the book is that you should not stop working hard and making progress because you never know what good you can get from trying hard.

I really liked this book because it has a deep and interesting story line  My favourite part was when Buddy actually performed his first song which everyone enjoyed. He also didn't think that it was so good, but when he showed it to his dad, he was amazed. This book is unique because I've never read any book with a deep story line like this. This book is interesting because you can feel what main character feels like in the book.

The book, The Fighting Ground is about a thirteen year-old boy who isn't supposed to fight in a battle. His dad doesn't want him to go fight in battle because his brother is in the battle and they haven’t heard from him in a while. They think that his brother might be dead. Instead of listening to his dad he goes with all the men and they give him a gun and he goes to fight in a battle With the Hessians. They loaded their guns and waited for the Hessians. They saw the Hessians and they all ran but Jonathan didn't know they ran and he was there alone and then he got captured. Jonathan has to try to escape or the Hessians will kill him.

I liked this book because it was exciting by how Jonathan was only thirteen years old but he was fighting in a battle and got captured by the Hessians. I thought it was scary and sad when Jonathan was captured. The best part was when he came home to his family and when they did not expect him to return alive.

I recommend this book for other people to read because it is an exciting book that will make them try and finish the whole book series. Whoever likes to read about wars and battles must read this book!

The Bad Beginning is about 3 children whose parents die in a fire. A man named Mr Poe comes to tell them the bad news. Mr Poe takes them to a house to find new parents for the 3 kids. Then he finds somebody named Count Olaf, and then Mr Poe leaves them at Count Olaf's house. Count Olaf treats the kids badly, so when they can't take it anymore they go to talk to Mr Poe at the bank. The children tell him that they can't stand living with Count Olaf because he hit one of the boys called Klaus. He also makes them do chores all the time, and he makes all 3 of them sleep in one bed. The next morning the children were back at Count Olaf's house and he asked them why they went to Mr Poe. When they didn't answer he asked them to be in his play. The play was a scam. He wanted to trick the kids into giving them the money they got from their parents.

This book taught me not to trust strangers because they can do something that could harm you. This book also had great pictures and fabulous character which I really enjoyed because they kept me entertained by their characteristics.

I would recommend this book to kids at the age of 10 and over because it is so catchy and might give them some tears. I give this book a rating of 10 out of 10 because it was well structure and I didn’t have a problem with anything.

This glorious book, The Kid Who Ran for President, is about a 12-year old boy named Judson Moon who is running for the president of the United States. His best friend, Lane, is going to try to run Moon’s campaign. Then America finds out that he threw away his worst enemy’s (Arthur Krants) paper. Now America is against him so he is going try and prove to America that he is very sorry. Finally the votes are in so it all comes down to the states. Will Judson and Moon win the election? Well, you’ll have to read the rest and find out if Lane and Moon can pull this thing off and win the election!

My favourite part in this book is when Moon and Krants get into fights. I think this book is fantastic because it made me feel like it is possible for any young person to accomplish their goals. I liked it a lot, because it was really odd for a child just about the same age as me to run for president. This book is very unique because it is very well written. Man, you’ve got to read this book!

I would recommend this book to people 10 and over because it is so fascinating and I think everyone would be surprised to see a 12 year-old running for President of the United States. I give this book a rating of 10 out of 10 because the characters really grabbed me by their actions they did like when Moon and Krants were fighting, they accidentally flipped and landed head first.

The Star League is defenceless when the Shadow-Six use the Shadow Shards to steal their powers to overtake the universe and rule Planet Earth. The team must try to come up with a way to defeat these shards in order to get their talents back, but first, they have to defeat their arch-enemy, Professor Pestilence. Will the Star League ever be the same again or is the end of their league?

The main characters in the story are the Star League Team. They are extremely smart and brave because they lost all their powers but still came up with a mysterious solution to their life-threatening problem.   

This is an absolute magnificent book to read because it has brilliant characters which will entertain and amaze you by their characteristics and actions. I can guarantee you that this book is magnificent to read and that is why I’m giving it 5/5 stars for my rating. I recommend this book to children at the age 10 and up because it has great picture, a good sized font and I absolutely think it is an amazing book to read!

In the story, Aunt Petunia promises to turn misbehaving pets into perfect angels. But Leigh suspects something’s not right, and when most of the animals start to go missing, then it’s time for the Star League to step in. But the closer they get to find the missing animals, the more dangerous it becomes for those close to Leigh. Is solving this problem worth losing what Leigh cares most about?

What I like about this book is mainly the characters because they are adventurous and also have funny ways of solving problems like when Leigh got her monkey to poo in a burglar's face. I also love the picture because they help me to visualise what's happening.

I recommend this book to kids ages 8 and up because the younger kids might not understand the moral of the story.



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